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HUBMAX Material Handling

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3  Ton Electric Multi-Directional Forklift:

Zowell RSEW series 3 ton electric multi-directional forklift is one product suitable for moving long cargo whose length is within 10m.It adopts thumb switch and proportional function to make the truck more stable and low noise during operation. Its maximum lifting height is up to 10.5m.It cannot only be used to replace the normal forklift ,but also drive in multiple directions.


Four forks + wide fork 
Fork length is optional, the maximum fork outer distance  is 2300mm; it can be customized;
It is suitable for long cargos and fix goods length.


Advantages: low cost, simple structure, no additional aisle width.


Straight mode
Drive single-wheel steering (the angle of the two front wheels remains unchanged, and the rear drive wheel controls the steering)

Application: In this mode, the function is the same as that of an ordinary reach truck.


Sidewalk mode
Sideways driving (90° full wheel rotation)


Application: Long material handling and stacking in extremely narrow passages greatly increase storage capacity.


In-situ rotation mode
180° U-turn in place


Application: U-turn in the tunnel to improve handling efficiency.

All-wheel steering mode
All-wheel independent steering


Application: Right-angle turning, cornering, obstacle avoidance.


Minimum right angle steering
Feature: Overturn of 90 with the smallest aisle width.

Application: Turning in extremely narrow passages.

The minimum right-angle turning mode is integrated in the all-wheel steering mode, and automatically switches to the minimum right-angle turning mode after the steering wheel is deadlock.



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