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HUBMAX Material Handling

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2 Ton Electric Multi-Directional Forklift:

Zowell RSEW series 2 ton electric multi-directional forklift, side loader is one product suitable for moving long cargo whose length is within 10m.It adopts thumb switch and proportional function to make the truck more stable and low noise during operation. Its maximum lifting height is up to 10.5m.It cannot only be used to replace the normal forklift, but also drive in multiple directions.


Safety: This forklift is equipped with an all-wheel steering display system and all wheel braking system, as well as a real-time monitoring of the driving wheel position to ensure a stable, reliable performance.

Stability: Ride-on three pivots and equipped with an imported controller, it features an excellent control performance and stability.

Efficient: This forklift enters the lane as long as 10,000mm for material pickup. Required passage lengths are reduced by 1/3 compared to ordinary forward moving forklifts, allowing for a doubling of material storage in the warehouse.

Energy saving: With an all-wheel electronic steering, this forklift saves energy in an energy reduction, thus improving the vehicle service life with no risk of oil leaks.

Ergonomics: It features a finger switch / integrated handle control, HMI human-computer interaction interface, and a reasonable functional area division to reduce driver fatigue intensity.


Structural Drawings:



  • The electric 3 wheel counterbalance forklift truck adopts a 3-point supporting system. The turning radius is 1690mm. The forklift can realize smooth turning to navigate narrow warehouse layouts.

  • When the wide cargo fork frame + quad fork structure is selected, the corresponding load curve is reduced 250 kg based on standard vehicles.

  • When the adjustable fork structure is selected, the corresponding load curve is reduced 400 kg based on a standard vehicle.

  • When adjusting the fork, the adjustment range can be customized according to the actual length of the cargo :
    a. For cargo with a length of 6-8 meters, the recommended adjustment range is 430-2500mm.
    b. For cargo longer than 8 meters, customize the long material handling solution according to the specific conditions of the customer site.
    c. For cargo with a length of 3-6 meters, the recommended adjustment range is 430-2100mm.
    d. For rigid cargo with a length of fewer than 3 meters, select the standard fork rack.


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