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HUBMAX Material Handling

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HUBMAX Hand Pallet Truck:

The HUBMAX 18 can easily be called the next generation pallet truck. Based on the success of previous entry level electric pallet trucks, HUBMAX developed the HUBMAX 18 based on the demands of thousands of customers around the world. The main characteristics of the trucks: Plug & Play Li-Ion Battery, full steel chassis, support wheels for higher stability and the smallest chassis of a 1.8 ton full electric pallet truck. 



The HUBMAX 18 full electric pallet truck plays out its strength in normal duty application in the warehouse, on the lorry and in production facilities. With a capacity of 1800kg and a Plug & Play Li-Ion battery, it can be opportunity charged and will be available when needed. Due to its compact size, it fits perfect into the transport industry to be used on tail lifts with limited capacity.

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