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HUBMAX Material Handling

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Less Cost

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Narrower Aisle

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Higher Productivity

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Low Maintenance

HUBMAX 20 rated capacity 2000kg, mast height from 4300mm to 10050mm. Standard equipped with Electro-hydraulic proportional valve, valve speed can be adjusted according to the will, making it easier and more accurate to pick up/unload pallets in narrow aisles.

The HUBMAX narrow aisle forklifts is firm, versatile and durable. Designed to bear heavy-duty use inside and outside, each tough articulating narrow aisle forklift is made to the supreme standards. With the ability to work in super narrow aisles (1800mm), the HUBMAX vna forklifts increases storage of working operations; whether it be current or new warehouses.

Furthermore, by using the one truck, buyers can increase productivity and eliminate double handling and speed up “truck to rack” operations.


The HUBMAX electric articulated forklifts provides the lowest cost of ownership while maximizing space and productivity to benefit every users. These VNA forklifts are designed to withstand heavy-duty use both inside and outside.

HUBMAX articulated forklifts ranges are standard equipped with 80V AC ZAPI dual-core controller which makes it has a lower failure rates and creates lower heat after long time using, 80V AC lifting motor and driving motor and 80V 400ah-600ah lead acid battery or li-ion battery which provides stronger power, increases efficiency and greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Salient Features:

  • It can drive on any floor surface, eliminating double handling, moving pallet from lorry to racks in one step.

  • Comparing to reach trucks, HUBMAX VNA trucks creates 30% more pallet positions, comparing to counter balance forklifts.

  • It creates 50% more pallet positions.

  • Therefore HUBMAX VNA articulated forklifts can save users much time, space and money.

Features Explained:


Fingertip armrest

Combines fingertip armrest and electro proportional valve, HUBMAX VNA forklifts provides better driving experience, more flexible and accurate operation. It also provides a special picking mode, easy for drivers to load/unload pallets in narrow aisles. With better inching performance, it makes the HUBMAX articulated forklifts very suitable for high-intensity work.

Adjustable Suspension Seat

OPS system

Safe belt

High suitability


Proportional valve

Electro-hydraulic proportional valve match with fingertip armrest can adjust the speed of mast lifting/falling, side shift and tilting at will, making it easier and more accurate to pick up/unload goods in narrow aisles.

ZAPI Controller

HUBMAX VNA articulated forklift ranges are standard fitted with 80V full AC ZAPI dual-core controller. As the voltage is higher, it produces lower current, lower heating, lower failure rate. Therefore, all electrical components will have a longer service life.

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lifting motor.jpg

Lifting Motor (left) & Driving Motor (right)

Fitted with external encoder bearing, easy for maintenance. 80V AC 15kw/h

Lifting speed: 0.44/0.5m/s. 


Fitted with external encoder bearing, easy for maintenance

80V AC 19.5kw/h

Driving speed: 16km/h

Gradeability: 18%/20%


The steering motor drives the large gear ring through the small gear ring, which is more labor-saving and has longer service.

Extremely small gear clearance ensures structural stability and thus reduces failure rates.

10 years warranty for the gear.

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Cooling Fans

All HUBMAX VNA forklifts are equipped with two efficient cooling fans, even in high temperature environment it can quickly cool down the motor and gear pump.

Guiding lasers:

When the laser point to pallet center then drivers can steer direction, pushing forks into fork section accurately. It reduces accidents greatly.

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