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HUBMAX Material Handling

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HUBMAX Electric Stacker Series

Stand On Electric Stacker: 


About HUBMAX Series Stacker:


Our electric stacker is especially used for stacking of medium and high intensity loads in warehouses, manufacturing industries, retail stores. Its loading capacity ranges from 1500kg & 2000kg. This kind of stacker can be used independently as well as together with a platform. But the platform is necessary for its long-distance transport.

The innovative AC system offers strong power, accurate control & exceIIent performance. The High strength vertical gearbox, longer working life. Silent & durable hydraulic unit, good quality cylinder as well as hose ensure the high reliability of hydraulic system. 


AMP connector and durable electric wires greatly reduce risks of malfunctions of the components. H shape channel mast improves the strength of the whole truck. High strength chassis enhances the reliability and durability of the truck. Innovative drive floating operation system(DFA) ensures the stability of the truck when steering at high speed.


Heavy Duty Power Pack:


​Built in pressure release valve protects the equipment from overload, thus increasing reliability and productivity.

Asset 7_2x-8.png

Drive Unit:

​Built in pressure release valve protects the equipment from overload, thus increasing reliability and productivity.

Asset 8_2x-8.png


It is equipped with Step-less controller PGDT - Curtis.

Asset 2_2x-8.png


Forklift profile mast building, giving operators a wide view through the mast.

Asset 3_2x-8.png

Multi-function Control:

Control handle comes equipped with large dual thumb wheels, lift, lower, lower and hand buttons for simplified operation of all control with either hand.

Asset 4_2x-8.png

Operator Stand:

Gas spring loaded operator stand on platform keeping in mind comfort and safety of the operator.

Asset 5_2x-8.png

Wheel Assembly:

Robust & heavy duty wheel bracket assembly which offers superior handling in operation.

Asset 6_2x-8.png

Control & Switches:

Contact less switches ensure low maintenance and positive feedback.

Asset 9_2x-8.png

Optional Features:

Biometric System Integration:

This Ensures safety and security of the machine and therefore avoiding unauthorized operation of the equipment.

Asset 10_2x-8.png

Battery Side Extraction:

Battery can be removed from the side, making it convenient replace and maintain battery charge during shift intervals.

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