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HUBMAX Material Handling

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AGV Forklift Truck:

An Automatic Guided Forklift also know as ALT is a Self-Driving computer-controlled Forklift. So a forklift moving around and transporting goods by its own without human intervention, it's just a driverless forklift. The AGV Forklift is a part of a complex AGV System composed by robots, software, peripherals, etc. 

Zowell AGV Series 1.6 ton load capacity tri-lateral versatile narrow aisle forklifts maximize the warehouse space usages. Compared with normal forklifts, only 1580mm rail to rail distance is needed to allow you operate it easily in narrow aisle width space. And our electric drive & hydraulic fork make it convenient for you to move the goods horizontally under the help of 180 degree rotation fork.

Features Of 1.6 Ton AGV  Forklift:

With Zowell Tri-lateral forklift, you can handle with more pallets and reach higher in very narrow aisle then gain more storage capacity.


It is fitted with full AC technology system makes the forklifts response rapidly and achieve accurate control, increase forklifts’ life, and reduce energy consumption.  

Equipped with electric power assistant steering make you a great driving feeling and reduce fatigue to increase safety and stability.


Imported gear pump and fully-buffered hydraulic cylinder let the whole vehicle move smoothly, reduce pressure loss and noise along the way.


AC controllers can realize precise control, easy to set up the parameters and decrease the failures.


Totally imported hydraulic hose, with wear and tension resistance, and longer service life.


Cast-steel driving wheel assembling compartment featured with lower noise and high-strength  PU wheels brings your more stable and reliable operation.


Real-time HD display is easy to slightly adjust the direction of the driving wheel in narrow aisle, it brings your unmatched safety.


Large-capacity battery is powerful, safe, stable and easy to charge with long cycle life.


Equipment with imported high-strength mast.


Safety: Fork position locking

When the forklift and fork head are not in the basic position, the truck is actively locked to prevent danger.

Benefits Of AGV's

  • Reduced labor costs with fewer employees needed to operate materials handling units.

  • Improved productivity allows management to concentrate labor resources towards value add-on tasks and products, whilst repetitive tasks are handled by AGV’s.

  • Reduced product damage installed sensors and load protection devices allow AGV’s to carry out precise and secure handling of all loads.

  • Reduced facility damage installed sensors and software provide accurate vehicle navigation and obstacle detection.

  • Improved efficiency seamless integration with production, ERP and WMS software, enable companies to implement accurate just in time materials flow.

  • Improved safety vehicles move in a predictable and controlled manner with sensors for obstacle detection.

  • Improved flexibility software tools allow for the easy adjustment of vehicle paths and operations, systems can also be expanded when necessary during peak times or even moved to a completely new facility.

  • Improved Material Accountability integrated software accurately tracks the movement of all materials in the supply chain.


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