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Used Equipments

"The HUB" offers wide range of Material Handling ,Construction & Warehousing  Equipment's on as is basis. 


Some of our items are almost like new; others have seen plenty of action in the manufacturing arena.

With the help of our knowledgeable sales team, customers can make the best choice for their needs and feel confident in knowing that they are getting a good deal on equipment and machinery.

On the more practical side, current machine shop owners and operators are regular shoppers, hoping to add a new or additional machine in order to complete an order. And "The HUB" sees plenty of used machine dealers who make an “as is” purchase, put in some refurb and clean-up work, and then resell the items on their own.


Regardless of the type of customer, the pricing and selection at "The HUB"  offer plenty of options for purchasing used industrial equipment.

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