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HUBMAX Material Handling

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HUBMAX MHE Battery Solutions

HUBMAX wide range of Lead Acid Traction Batteries including semi traction batteries and Solar Batteries. We provide compatible battery solutions for battery powered equipment's, may it be MHE, Carriages, Golf carts and much more.

We have a experienced team of erstwhile well renowned manufactures in India. Also drawing strength from a vast pool of well qualified, dedicated & experienced engineers and technicians. Our batteries conforms to IS 5154 specifications and are also in accordance with B.S & DIN standards and meet the daily duty cycle having a better reserve capacity.


Features Of HUBMAX Batteries:

  • Compatible with tough operating environment. Batteries are built with special alloy to withstand extreme service conditions, rough handling and corrosive effects.


  • Heat sealed construction eliminates acid leakages.


  • Cells are assembled in high impact resistant  poly-propylene container, hence extra strength, longer life and no bulging.


  • Positive grids are made from special alloy with automatic high pressure die casting machine for extra strength.


  • Assembled with envelope type micro porous flexible polyethylene separators having low resistance & higher volume porosity which helps to extend life and reliability.


  • Positive plates are with special type of tough Gauntlet(GT) tubes having high bursting strength.


  • Batteries are with standard Flip Top / Threaded vent plugs for easy acid level observation and topping up.


  • Reliable after sales service.


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Schematic diagram of traction batteries.

power curve.PNG
dimensional diagrams.PNG

Note: Kindly furnish the above information in detail, in case your requirement is not covered in this catalogue.

A) Discharge characteristics at various rates of discharge.
B) Capacity as a percentage of 5 hour capacity.

How to choose your Battery:

  • Make, type and model of truck
    Type of battery

  • Capacity of battery in Ah (Ampere Hour) at 5 hour rate of discharge and battery voltage

  • Overall maximum dimension of existing battery
    Clear inside dimensions of battery compartments


  • Number of cells per battery and arrangement layouts with end terminals position

  • While ordering please provide the following information to ensure perfect fitment
    Take off cable required if other than standard length(1000 mm.)


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