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HUBMAX Electric Stackers


Discover the customizable HUBMAX stacker series, featuring manual, electric (lead acid & lithium-ion), and specialized models. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, these stackers are tailored to diverse industrial needs. With options for color and functionality attachments available upon request, HUBMAX stackers offer versatility and adaptability for any workspace. Whether it's warehouse management, manufacturing, or retail operations, our stackers provide robust performance. Trust HUBMAX for innovative solutions that meet your specific requirements, ensuring seamless material handling and optimized productivity. Elevate your operations with HUBMAX stackers – the ultimate choice for efficiency, reliability, and customization.

Variant Models Of HUBMAX Electric Stackers

Stacker Model
Load Capacity
Lift Height
The Academy, L.A
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Bamboo, Santa Barbara
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Cheers, Santa Cruz
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The Roxy, San Francisco
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