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HUBMAX Material Handling

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HUBMAX Electric Stacker Series

Stand On Electric Stacker: 

About HUBMAX Series Stacker:


Our electric stacker is especially used for stacking of medium and high intensity in warehouses, manufacturing industries, retail stores and that. Its loading capacity ranges from 1000kg to 2000kg. This kind of stacker can be used independently as well as together with a platform. But the platform is necessary for its long-distance transport.

Technical Spec. Sheet For HUBMAX Series Stand On Stacker:

  • Capacity - 1000 -2000 KG

  • Max. lift height - 3600 -6300 mm


  • Ideal for non-standard loads and pallets

  •  Built for stacking heavier loads at higher lifts

  •  Adjustable solid forged forks enhance flexibility of stacker at handle varying widths of loads without compromising on safety parameters

  •  Enhanced safety: Switch which simultaneously cuts–off power supply to motor and actuates parking brake

  •  Speed Control: Microprocessor based motor controller for precise and steeples throttle control

  •  Drive unit: Fully closed oil lubricated gearbox integrated with series motor

  •  Electric system: Single 24V cross-mounted battery.

  •  Hydraulic system: Imported pump motor with an integrated reservoir. Steel piping connects hydraulic components.

  •  Brake valve is inserted to control lowering speed.

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