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HUBMAX Material Handling

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HUBMAX 3 Wheel  Li-ion Forklift Trucks:

EP HUBMAX three-wheel electric forklift of HUBMAX with compact size but large driving space. It can fit narrow space due to its extremely small turning radius of 1.5m. Equipped with HUBMAX Li-Ion battery in standard, enables opportunity charging. The battery can be charged several times during work hours to maintain productivity for a full 8-hour shift. These forklift are available in 1.5 ton and 2 ton capacities.


It can be used in small to medium warehouse with a very small footprint, which means less space is needed for transfer aisle allowing better use of storage space. This 3-Wheel forklift can be widely adopted and is ready to perform to light applications, in electronics, textiles and other industries.

Features Of Li-Ion Forklift:

On-board charger provides opportunity charging:


Due to the usage of Li-Ion technology in combination with an onboard charger, the

HUBMAX is the most versatile truck you can find on the market. Plug it into any standard power outlet and the battery will be opportunity charged. No need for any external charging device. Just Plug & Play.


Compact size:

Our Forklift is a very compact truck, while the legroom has been increased for better ergonomics.


Entry-Level Forklift:

The HUBMAX Forklift was designed as universal forklift for the daily operation at few hours per day. The focus lies on the flexible operation, opportunity charging and worry-free technology of the truck at a great price point.


Trustworthy and Mature Components:

HUBMAX uses market tested components, which offers safety and reliability.



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